Gamers for M.E.

If your’re a Twitch streamer or gamer and want to support a good cause during this pandemic, I’ve set up a charity donation campaign team at called Gamers for M.E.

100% of the donations goes to Open Medicine Foundation, a non-profit organisation doing biomedical research into ME, also called chronic fatigue syndrome, a debiliating illness with million of sufferers worldwide.

With the pandemic and long covid the number of people with ME/cfs are doubling fast, all while national health agencies have neglected and underfunded post viral illness for 70 years, and continue to do so. This has made it necessary for patients to fund their own research.

You’ll find the campaign here:

Even though the team name is Gamers for M.E, it’s of course open to everyone who streams and want to support OMF. Streamlabs support both Twitch, Youtube and Facebook.

You can also stop by the page and just donate to OMF, no streaming or gaming required, only paypal.

If you want to, you can also create your own campaign or team, as OMF is registered at

Twitch has raised over $75 million for various organizations since 2012, so the potential is huge, yet OMF has only received $3500 off this via Streamlabs charity donations. Streamlabs only started doing charity donations a year or two ago, though.

All help is greatly appreciated, from mentions to single donations and streams!