The Size of Spaces


As the player traverse through an interior dungeon level the difference in size between small, medium and large gamespaces all have different types of impact on the player’s experience, something it can be wise to keep in mind as you plan and build your level. In this text I’ll touch on some of the most basic architectural considerations of dungeon design, namely the size of spaces.

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Letter to Triss


Howdy, T

How’s it going down there in Novigrad? Up here it’s kind of cold and windy compared to the South. All these nord folks seem a bit uptight in my opinion, but maybe it’s the weather? Lots of flying things in the air too, but I just shoot them down, no big deal. Occasionally my mind touches on that thing in the garden, hope yours does too?

Anyway, I was told to say hi from Yen, so yeah: “hi!” Since last time I’ve saved a bunch of people from wolves and leveled up twice! See you soon, I hope!