How to use Polygon Fill to create masks in Substance Painter

A short step by step beginner tutorial on how to use Polygon Fill to create non-destructive editable masks in Substance Painter.


1. Add a new Fill Layer to your material’s layer stack.

2. Add a black mask to the fill layer and make sure to have it selected for the next step (it is by default).



3. Enable Polygon Fill by clicking the Polygon Fill button in the upper toolbar:


Now your mesh’ UV layout will appear over your 3d-model.


4. Select the fill mode you want to use in the Polygon Fill’s properties panel to the right.


The square polygon box fill mode is very practical for many circumstances. By default the fill colour is set to white, so it’s just to start selecting polygons if you also use a black mask.

5. LMB-select the polygons you want to mask out on your 3d-model.


Tip: Enable 3D/2D view in the upper toolbar to access your UV map for even easier selection.

Tip: You can also use “Marquee-select” or box select by holding down LMB and drag-selecting multiple polygons for quicker selections. This is way easier to use with the 2D-view than the 3d-view.

Tip: Change the Polygon Fill properties colour to black in order to paint out polygons that gets selected by mistake. Typically you’ll end up selecting both interior and exterior polygons if you work in 3d-view and not 2d.

Tip: If you want to blend between effects of your mask set the colour value to a greytone.

6. Lastly assign a material to your Fill Layer by dragging it from the shelf to the Fill Layer’s Material mode button, or do some other texturing magic, and finally lean back and enjoy the beauty of your Polygon Filled layer.


For more tutorials like this, check out my Youtube-channel.


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