How to Arrange and Save Workspaces in Blender 2.8

One of the great new things about Blender 2.8 is the introduction of workspaces. Here’s a short tutorial on how you can arrange and save your own customised layout.


The different workspaces in Blender 2.8 is located in the header bar, and you chose between them by left-clicking on their name in the header bar.

In order to  add a new workspace you can click the + icon after the last default workspace all the way to the right, and choose a new workspace from the drop down menu.

In order to re-arrange the workspaces, right click a workspace in the header. From the drop down menu you can choose whether to delete existing ones, or reorder workspaces to the front or the back of the workspace row.

Add, reorder, and delete the workspaces to your liking.

When you are happy with the arrangement you need to save your edits so it won’t be reset to defaults next time you open Blender. In order to to this, go to File- Defaults- Save Startup File. Click yes/ok. Now your customised workspace arrangement will be saved to the startup file, and not re-set to default when you exit Blender or start it again.

If you later want to restore the default Blender 2.8 workspaces, go to File-Defaults-Load Factory Settings, and everything will be back to default, original settings.

Video version:


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