Help fight the pandemic by using your PC or smart phone

Since there unfortunately happens to be a pandemic going on; be aware that you can fight back by using PC software such as Folding at Home or BOINC, or the smart phone app DreamLab.

What these three projects have in common is that they use your PC or smart phone to download small scientific work units or packages that run on your PC or smart phone while you don’t use it, and once they are finished they gets automatically uploaded to a server.

In this way all the little stay-at-home contributions add up into effectively being large supercomputers, or more. For example Folding at Home bypassed the combined power of the top 500 supercomputers of the World in March this year, and broke the exaflop barrier (which is a number that is so high I can’t count that high).

With only 100.000 user downloads from the Google Play Store the app DreamLab still has a way to go, but if you compare it with a popular game such as Candy Crush, – that has got downloads, you can see the incredible potential. Additionally it is so easy to use that everyone that have a smart phone can use it; it takes less than 5 minutes to download, install and get it running.

All these three projects have covid19 research available, but there’s some differences between them. Folding at Home and BOINC are primarily for computers, and whereas Folding at Home focuses on the folding of proteins in order to cure diseases, BOINC focuses on everything from medicine to space. The smart phone app DreamLab’s main focus is cancer research, but they have opened up to do covid19 research too these days.

Official links below.


Folding at Home:

Front Page








If you join Folding at Home and happen to be an Elder Scrolls fan, please consider joining Team Elder Scrolls (Team ID: 52286). We are always happy for new recruits!


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